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In-Line Counter and Tab Inserter

The Shooter III is a SINGLE HEAD Tab Inserter with the controls interface integrated into the tabbing head unit.  It has all the features for fast, accurate tabbing as our multi-head models, but now in a more compact package at a lower cost.

6 in stock

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Standard Features:
  • In-Line batching at up to 3 tabs per second
  • Accurate batch counts for reduced shortages and overages
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • High Speed Tab Insertion
  • Easily connects to your equipment for count signal
  • Either dry contact or voltage (high or low)
  • Total and batch counts
  • Variable tape lengths
  • Variable knife cut delay
  • Adjustable height floor stand
  • Laser Sensor
  • Custom Chute Lengths (16” Standard, up to 36” available)
  • 90 Deg  Angle Tape Delivery Chute
  •  Swivel Mounting Bracket
  • Custom Stand Heights

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 26 × 13 in


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