U.S. Paper Counters will be closing at 12:30pm on December 14th for our Annual Holiday Party. And we will be closed from December 24th till January 2nd for the Holidays. If you need assistance during this time please email us at uspapercounters@gmail.com

Manufacturing MADE IN THE U.S.A.  


Sheet Counting and Batch Tabbing Equipment Since 1981

U.S. Paper Counters manufactures a wide range of sheet counting and batch tabbing equipment to fit all of your counting needs.

Our sheet counters “Count Wise” and “Max-Bantam” can count up to 2,500CPM and tab in ranges from 5-9,999 depending on the model. Our press tabber “Shooter-IID” can batch tab right off your existing equipment.

Call us at (518) 622-2600 or email us to help find the best machine to fit your needs.

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