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Commercial Printers • Paper Mills and Converters • Securities Printers • Label & Paper Manufacturers • Business Forms Printers • Pharmaceutical Companies • Pad Printers Government Printers • Paper Merchants • Check Printers • In-Plant Printers • Magazine and Book Publishers • Silk Screen Transfers • Stationery Printers

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U.S. Paper Counters has been manufacturing Sheet / Paper Counters for over 40 years and has grown to be one of the largest World Wide suppliers of counting and tabbing equipment. We specialize in fitting you with the perfect counter to fit your exacting needs. We are never more then a phone call away. Call or E-Mail us today 1-(518)622-2600,

Chris, Platinum Press, Grand Prairie TX. (Count-Wise-M)
Excellent Sales & Service, a Future machine is pending.

Eric, Washington State, Dept. of Licensing, WA. (2-Max-Bantams)
Delivery was fast and everyone has been good to work with.

Kim, Quadco Printing, Chico CA. (Shooter-IIB)
I'll never forget the day we installed it, the machine worked well and
made our bindery part of the job so much easier since it was already tabbed
into the appropriate amounts. My boss, being so impressed by its
performance, said..."We should have purchased this machine years ago".
We love its accuracy and ease of use.

Paul, Partners-Press, Oaks PA (Shooter-II)
We love your stuff, it is the best and most reliable equipment. You also have the best customer service and support.

Neuhaus SA, Buenos Aires Argentina (Shooter-IIB)
Excellent value, Excellent service.

Imprimerie Irving, Beauport Canada (Shooter-IIB)

Was suppose to purchase another manufactures model of tab inserter, however they were unable to get the demo unit to function proplerly. After being dissapointed I did an online search and found US Paper Counters. Purchased a Shooter-IIB and was up and running within 45 minutes of receiving the unit.

Tom, Galaxy Press, Concord CA (Mega-Max 93' model, Older Version of the Count-Wise-M)
It is so nice to see other companies out there with "our" philosophy of Customer Service

Latest News:

We now offer Joggers and counting Scales, please visit our product page for more information.

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U.S. Paper Counters is only a phone call away for technical phone support*. You can also arrange to have your machine shipped to USPC for repair or to have a technician visit your plant. In addition, we offer training classes in machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. All replacement parts can be shipped worldwide within 24 business hours.

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*refer to the service and support section for detailed information.

When you need absolute accuracy in counting and precision batching and tabbing, call U.S. Paper Counters.

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