We ran into a problem after the product was manufactured outside our plant. It was discovered that the end user wanted the product tabbed every 12 pieces. We had almost 2 million pieces to tab. If we sent it outside to be batched by hand the cost was quoted at $.05 – $.08 per batch of 12.

I contacted USPC and after some discussion acquired a Shooter II tabber. My idea was to use one of our Halms Super Jets offset printers to deliver the product on a belt shingled and separated to allow the Tabber to insert tabs.

It took a little experimentation and working with Rob Wagner to redo the software. The tabber had to cut the tab immediately instead of holding the tab for a few seconds and then cutting. I also found that angling the tabber so the blunt end was not hitting but the corner of the tab was inserting worked well.

I must really compliment Rob and his staff: they worked with me almost day and night to research and solve problems. We were able to tab the product every 12 and get the 2 million done without many problems at all. We saved more than enough money to pay for the Shooter II and then some.