Double-Headed Securities and Bank Note Counter

Designed specifically for Securities and Bank Note Printers, the tabbing COUNT-WISE TWIN counts two corners at one time and combines counting speeds up to 2500 sheets per minute, extreme accuracy and one-button initiation to MAXimize profit and efficiency.

The Count-Wise Twin instantly detects shortages and overages, flawlessly checks at every stage and is as simple to operate as it is to maintain.

*Image shown with optional features

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Standard Features:
  • Total count
  • Batch count
  • Overage / underage
  • Single head count and tab
  • Double head count with tabbing
  • Single / Double head security clamp w/ key release
  • Touch Screen user interface
  • Larger air flotation tables
  • Remote foot start switch
  • Customized programs
  • Color touch screen
  • Report printing via Serial port Printer