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Chris, Platinum Press, Grand Prairie TX. (Count-Wise-M)
Excellent Sales & Service, a Future machine is pending.

Eric, Washington State, Dept. of Licensing, WA. (2-Max-Bantams)
Delivery was fast and everyone has been good to work with.

Kim, Quadco Printing, Chico CA.  (Shooter-IIB)
I'll never forget the day we installed it, the machine worked well and
made our bindery part of the job so much easier since it was already tabbed
into the appropriate amounts. My boss, being so impressed by its
performance, said..."We should have purchased this machine years ago".
We love its accuracy and ease of use.

Paul, Partners-Press, Oaks PA (Shooter-II)
We love your stuff, it is the best and most reliable equipment. You also have the best customer service and support.

Neuhaus SA, Buenos Aires Argentina (Shooter-IIB)
Excellent value, Excellent service.

Imprimerie Irving, Beauport Canada (Shooter-IIB)

Was suppose to purchase another manufactures model of tab inserter, however they were unable to get the demo unit to function proplerly. After being dissapointed I did an online search and found US Paper Counters. Purchased a Shooter-IIB and was up and running within 45 minutes of receiving the unit.

Tom, Galaxy Press, Concord CA (Mega-Max 93' model, Older Version of the Count-Wise-M)
It is so nice to see other companies out there with "our" philosophy of Customer Service

Scott, Zimmermann Printing, Sheboygan WI (Sharp-Shooter-II press tabber)

Excellent Value

Deutsche Bank,  Jacksonville FL (Max-Bantams)
he Experience was exceptional

Eastern Suffock BOCES, (Max-Bantams)
Quality of after sales support is excellent

Dan, De La Rue North America, Dulles VA (Count-Wise-M)

Keep Doing what your doing, Great Company!!

PLANTEC S.R.L., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Quick Answers to all our questions

Brett, The Duha Color Group, Winnipeg, Canada (Count-Wise 1MB (multi-Batcher))
I am pleased in our dealings with you guy's & I would not hesitate to deal with you in the future.

David Springston, President of Woods Printing, Holland, IN USA (Shooter)
You willingness to take care of our problems on the unit (Shooter-II) were much appreciated and exemplify what
true "Customer Service" is all about. I would definitely Recommend your products to Anyone. Again, I want to thank you very much.

Luis Zapata, Industrial Papelera Atlas SA, Lima Peru (Shooters)
Great Post sale follow up and support

Heedy Velasquez, Industria Papelera, Honduras (Shooters)

I think the service, both sales and support that we have received is excellent, Keep serving us the same way.

Canadian Sportsman Printing , Straffordville, ON. Canada
We have a Shooter-II, Well worth the money

Mercury Print Productions, Rochester, NY. (Shooter and Max)
Everything has been great.

Sioux Printing , Sioux Falls, SD.  (Shooter)
After the Initial Problems of hooking the tabber to our press, the machine has worked flawlessly.

Post Printing, West Bend, WI.,  (Sparp Shooter)
I have 3 Sharp Shooters in my pressroom, I have used them for a number of years with no problems - They are built very well.

Poly Print, Minsk, Belarus. (Count-Wise-M)
We are really satisfied with the working of your equipment.

Tension Env., Temecula CA., Oakland CA., Minnetonka MN., Kansas City MO., Houston TX., Des Moines IA.


Another way to tab after product has been manufactured. (by one of our clients, a midwestern envelope manufacturer)

We ran into a problem after the product was manufactured outside our plant. It was discovered that the end user wanted the product tabbed every 12 pieces. We had almost 2 million pieces to tab. If we sent it outside to be batched by hand the cost was quoted at $.05 - $.08 per batch of 12.

I contacted USPC and after some discussion acquired a Shooter II tabber. My idea was to use one of our Halms Super Jets offset printers to deliver the product on a belt shingled and separated to allow the Tabber to insert tabs.

It took a little experimentation and working with Rob Wagner to redo the software. The tabber had to cut the tab immediately instead of holding the tab for a few seconds and then cutting. I also found that angling the tabber so the blunt end was not hitting but the corner of the tab was inserting worked well.

I must really compliment Rob and his staff: they worked with me almost day and night to research and solve problems. We were able to tab the product every 12 and get the 2 million done without many problems at all. We saved more than enough money to pay for the Shooter II and then some.

R McGrath, Cincinnati, OH

SHOOTER used for surgical corporation

Dear Bob,

Berkley Surgical has completed a preliminary evaluation of the model #1065-0 SHOOTER. We are extremely pleased with the design, operation, flexibility, and price of this unit. The controls are reliable and friendly to the operator.

The SHOOTER is a critical device for the success of our automation projects for the year 2000. Based on price and performance, BSC is in the process of purchasing four (4) more SHOOTERS.

You have an excellent product.

Sincerely,John Santello, Berkley Surgical Corporation

Packaging company finds U.S. Paper Counters the perfect solution

As a contracting packaging company we work with many diferent types of consumer products in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true with the paper products we run. With today's modern computer and printer paper sizes rangeing from 4 x 6 inches up to 13 x 19 inches, all with different coatings and weights. In the old days we used to count paper using scales and paper spoons, very slow and inefficient methods. On the recommendation of our largest customer we purchased a machine from U.S. Paper Counters. Our volume and effieciency skyrocketed while our waste dropped from an average of 3% to an average of 0.3% We currently have two machines running two shifts and are extremely pleased with their performance.

Equally important with machine performance is how a manufacturer performs after the sale, with support, parts, and service, because we cannot afford to have equipment down. U.S. Paper Counters has exceled in this area. We call and they respond quickly and professionally. Our problems our solved and equipment is up and running in 24 hours or less. I consider U.S. Paper Counters as a business partner, not just a vendor.

Sincerely, Michael Samol, President and CEO, Custom Packaging Inc.

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