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Sheet Counters and Batch Tabbers

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Count-Wise I Count-Wise I
The Count-Wise I is the ideal choice for printers, paper converters, stationers, and other companies looking for consistent quantity control. Featuring a 28" x 28" table and jogging plate, the Count-Wise I counts up to 2500 sheets per minute and tabs in batches from 3 to 9999 with unfailing accuracy for any size job.

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Count-Wise 1
Count-Wise I

Count-Wise M
The Count-Wise M is the perfect solution for large stock. It has the same speed and production capabilities of the Count-Wise I, but features a larger, 36" x 36" air flotation table standard, two jogging plates, plus a steel base with locking storage cabinet. Larger air flotation tables and larger standard tables are available for effortless handling of large and cumbersome stock. This unit's large electronic displays and one button initiation, provide quick and accurate counting of stock.  

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Count-Wise M
Count-Wise M

Count-Wise M

Max Bantam Image Max-Bantam
Designed for companies whose priority is cost justification, the Max-Bantam counts up to 2000 sheets per minute with absolute accuracy while inserting tabs in batches from 5 to 999. The Max-Bantam's solid state controls with 6-digit batch counter and totalizer, low tape indicator, and one-button initiation are only a few of the features that make it the affordable solution to all your counting needs.

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Count Wise-III

Count-Wise T (Touch Screen)
The Count-Wise T (Touch Screen) line has all the same capabilities as our standard line of counters with the added feature of a "Security Count" mode for absolute count verification. Combined with our new "Touch Screen Operator Interface" , the CW-T line gives you complete control over all your counting needs at your finger tips. With options such as Multi-Batching, a label printer, Base cabinet and larger air flotation tables.

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Count-Wise T
Count-Wise T

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Base Cabinets We offer many options, including custom made cabinets and tabletops, to customize your machine to better meet your business needs Table Tops

Insert Tape is available for all USPC products.

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U.S. Paper Counters is only a phone call away for unlimited, free technical phone support. You can also arrange to have your machine shipped to USPC for repair or to have a technician visit your plant. In addition, we offer training classes in machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. All replacement parts can be shipped worldwide within 24 business hours.

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When you need absolute accuracy in counting and precision batching and tabbing, call U.S. Paper Counters.

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