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Dealer / Agent Section
Sales Terms and condition

All of U.S. Paper Counters equipment comes with a 1 year limited parts and labor warranty (Not including shipping).
There is a "No Return Policy" on equipment and tabbing material. There is a restocking fee on parts to be calculated on a case by case basis. No part can be returned without an RMA.

Customers' samples are requested at all times for all stocks. Remember, there is a firm no return policy on equipment.

All Pricing is in US dollars, FOB Cairo, NY. unless otherwise specified. Pricing does not include shipping, duties, taxes, custom fees, etc.

There is a $100 - $150 packaging fee on Count-Wise / Max counters, $35 - $50 for Shooters.

For parts and tape there is a minimum order charge of $10.00.  And a minimum packaging and handling fee of $7.50 unless otherwise stated.

Payment terms are as follows

US Sales:
Net 30 (With Approved Credit) on parts and Shooter-II Press tabbers up to $4,500. Above $4500, 50% down, Balance net 30.
On Count-Wise and Max models terms are 50% down, balance net 30.

Outside the US including Canada and Mexico:
100% pre pay prior to shipping unless otherwise specified.

U.S. Paper Counters Accepts the following payment methods
Company Check
Money Order
Bank Draft
Direct Deposit
Wire Transfer (TT)
Amex / Visa / Master Card (a convenience fee may apply)
Letter of Credit (LC)
Cash Against Documents (CAD)

Dealer / Agent commission / discount amounts are based on the following:
Number of machines sold, stocking or non stocking (parts, tape or machines); years associated with U.S. Paper Counters, Exclusive / Non Exclusive, Servicing  / Non Servicing , Trained or Untrained. 

U.S. Paper Counters offers free service and maintenance training on all our models at our upstate NY factory, We also offer training at your or your customers facility for a reduced rate. For more information please contact @ (518) 622-2600 ext. 30.

Brochures / Pricing / Manuals

To download*, click on the file you wish to save, file will open in a new window. Once open, to save to your computer,  click on the save link at the top left side of the window.
*If you are having trouble opening these files you can download a free PDF reader at the following link Adobe Reader

Count-Wise-1 Brochure (PDF)                                         

Count-Wise-M Brochure (PDF)                                      
Count-Wise Twin Double head Counter Brochure (PDF)                                   

Count-Wise T (Touch Screen) Brochure (PDF)

Max-Bantam Brochure (PDF)

Shooter-IID / Sharp Shooter-IID Brochure (PDF)

Stringer full product hand out

Shooter-IIB / Sharp Shooter-IIB Manual

Count-Wise / Max Paper Counter manual                    

Insert tape pricing                                                        

Retail price sheet on all standard models*

Count Wise / Max Bantam Operation and service manual

Count Wise / Max Bantam Editable Manual Word Doc.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.

We also have a video section under "News and Events" showing most models of counters / tabbers in action. If your customer would like to have their samples tested and video taped we would be more then happy to do so and place their video in our video section for viewing.

Also under the service and support section there are videos and PDF self help information.


To download right click on picture and use Save As

Count-Wise-1 (CW-1)
Count-Wise-M (CW-M)
Max-Bantam (MB1)
Count-Wise-1 Count-Wise-M Max-Bantam
Count-Wise-Twin (CW-Twin)
Count-Wise-T (CW-T)
Shooter-IID (TS-IID)
Count-Wise-Twin Count-Wise-T
Base Cabinet

  Base Cabinet

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Contact / Shipping information

Ph: (518)622-2600
Fax: (518)622-2695
General email

Contact information:
Sales Manager: Robert Wagner
Sales : Ashley Wagner
Service Manager: Ray Young
Accounting: Mary-Ann Ext.
Parts / tabbing material: Zara Baldwin

After hours / Weekends / holidays Emergency contact

Mailing Address
PO Box 837
Cairo, NY 12413

Shipping Address
138 Elizabeth Terrace
Cairo, NY 12413

Banking information

U.S. Paper Counters payment instructions for Teletransfer (Bank Wire)

A $50 fee is added on to all orders paying via a bank wire. This fee covers bank wire fees and/or documentation. $500 is add to all CAD's or LC's.

National Bank of Coxsackie
3-7 Reed Street
Coxsackie, NY 12051
Tel. 1-(518)731-6161
Tel. 888-731-6161 (Toll Free US Only)

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Account Holder : U.S. Paper Counters
Address: 138 Elizabeth Terrace, Cairo NY 12413
Account: 13081
Swift Code: N/A

Currency and amount must be U.S. dollars

Details of Charges: All charges are the BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY


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